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What Type Of Refrigerator Should You Buy

Choosing The Right Refrigerator

You want to know what a huge moment of panic is for any person in this country is? Think it’s an earthquake? How about a flat tire on the highway? Losing your wallet in a busy store? Nope! Coming home and having a lukewarm fridge waiting to greet you.

Nothing get’s people in panic mode and rushing to a huge box store quicker than having a busted refrigerator. The thing is, most people know there fridge is about to go with the weird sounds it starts to make and things like the freezer not freezing right, yet the delay the purchase. Why?

A lot of people don’t know how to choose the right refrigerator for themselves.

First of all, you got top-mounted freezer refrigerators, bottom mounted freezer refrigerators, you got side by side, you got French door, and finally counter-depth refrigerators. Let’s not forget about those fancy four-door fridges Samsung also offers. Then you got the different sizes. For example, you got tiny 18 cubic foot refrigerators that usually go into apartments, then you got monster sized french door refrigerators that can go up to 30 cubic feet in size.

With so many options, I can see why people would hesitate and pull the trigger on getting the right refrigerator for themselves. So here I’m going to break down the different sizes and options to look for in choosing a refrigerator for yourself.

First off, what do you currently have? If the refrigerator that you have your house right now is working just fine why change it? Simply go pick up the same one you got right now and a slightly cleaner and more modern look and you’re good to go. Look on the inside and it will tell you the measurements and the cubic dimensions of the refrigerator. That way you know what size of refrigerator you need to go get.

If the refrigerator that you have right now is something that you’ve always hated and it breaking down has been a blessing in disguise, then it’s time to look at your different options.

If you live in an apartment and it’s just you and a girlfriend, then you’re probably starving half the time and don’t really have any food to store and probably don’t even cook that much. A small top-mounted freezer refrigerator would probably work great for you. You could also go with the option of a bottom mounted freezer refrigerator. Either way, a small 18 to 20 refrigerator would work just fine. All you have to worry about is picking the color.

If you live in a house I have a lot of around then you should pick a side-by-side refrigerator or a French door version. The French Door version refrigerator is basically side-by-side what’s a bottom freezer drawer. A lot of people do not like the side-by-side version of a refrigerator because it limits the amount of food you could put in both the refrigerator side and the freezer side. There are also people that do not like having a freezer drawer on the bottom of a refrigerator. They feel like they lose some of their Frozen Foods deep in the crevices in the drawer. So was that you have to really consider what your preferences are.

For sheer size, french doors are usually the best option. Whirlpool makes a few that are about 30 cubic feet in size. These are basically monster sized refrigerators. If you have a huge family and store a lot of food this is probably your best option. There is also huge sized side by side refrigerators but the room in here is nowhere near what a French door can give you.

As for the width of a refrigerator, once you get to the big size refrigerators, they are all pretty much no bigger than 36 in wide. They have to build them that way or else they will not be able to get them into a house. As you get bigger in size what changes are the actual depth of the fridge. You also have to consider if it has a water dispenser and ice dispenser. These add to the bulk of a fridge as well. Some people like the water dispensers and others like to go completely without it. It all depends on you.

Then there are people that want the look of the French door or a side by side later but also want a compact and smaller design. You see, most refrigerators have a great deal of depth to them. What this means is that when you place it into it’s a slot in your kitchen, it will more than likely stick out quite a few inches. The bigger the refrigerator the more it will stick out. For this reason, big manufacturers have created refrigerators called counter depth refrigerators. What this means is that you get a refrigerator that is approximately 36 in wide but the depth of the refrigerator extremely shallow. What this allows is for the refrigerator to fit flush into the spot in your kitchen. This gives your refrigerator more of a built-in type of look.

It really does make your kitchen look beautiful with a counter depth refrigerator. The only problem with these is that you will be limited to the amount of space that you have inside. Not only that, the price tag on one of these goes up big time compared to its regular depth model. For example, a high-end Samsung French door refrigerator can run about $2,000. For that exact same model in a counter depth will run you about $2,800 instead. So, this is something you really have to look into.

So, there you have it. A quick rundown on choosing the right type of refrigerator for yourself and your family. Now all you gotta figure out is how to get rid of the old one with your local junk removal service.

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