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How To Install an OTR Microwave

If you got a range, then you more than likely have a microwave sitting on the top of it mounted onto the wall. These are usually referred to as OTR (Over The Range) microwaves. If your has popped its last back of popcorn or heated up last nights leftover meatloaf for the last time and needs to be replaced, we are here to give you a quick rundown on how to install an OTR microwave.

You might be surprised, but these things are not all that hard to install. They are usually just held in place by a simple bracket that is mounted up behind the microwave that the microwave simply rest on and a couple of screws drilled on top of it that connect it over the cabinet. Most of the time, the bracket behind the wall will usually work for any OTR microwave you are looking to install so you won’t need to install a new one. But even if you don’t, attaching a new bracket is a piece of cake.

The first thing you need to do is to remove the old microwave, to begin with. Doing this will pretty much show you how the new one will go in. You’ll need a step stool first so you can see the area over the microwave. First off, open up the doors to the cabinet above the microwave. If you’re on the stool, look on the bottom of the cabinet. Look for two screws. Once you find the screws, use a power drill to drill one screw out first and then get a buddy or anybody to hold the OTR microwave in place before you take out the second one. Once you find someone, have them hold it and take out the second screw. The microwave will want to fall forward. Get down off the stool and gently lean the appliance towards you and that should release it from the hooks that it’s on which is actually the bracket. There are small grooves on the bottom back part of the microwave that rest on hooks on the bracket.

Simply unplug the power cord and dis-attach it from the vent and pull the OTR of and set it to the side. That’s it. Surprisingly, that’s all there is to take one of those things off.

Next, open up the new microwave and basically reverse the entire process. First off, make sure the brackets hooks will properly fit the grooves on the back of the new OTR. If they don’t, no biggie, simply attach the new bracket that will come with the new microwave. Unscrew the screws off the wall to pull off the old bracket. The good thing about drilling the screws out is that it will more than likely have the screws already set up into the studs of the walls. You need to make sure that the bracket is drilled on the stud to be able to hold the weight of the microwave.

Once you pop the new bracket in, it’s time to install the new OTR above your range. Have your buddy give you a hand. Lift the new microwave and rest the grooves into the hooks. Once you know that the OTR is hooked on, simply lift the microwave up and flush with the cabinet. This should line it up with the screw holes that were there before. Once you got it up, make sure you attach the vent properly and then drill the long screw into the microwave followed by the other Plug that bad boy in and you are good to go! That’s all there is to it. Installing an OTR microwave is a piece of cake.

Special thanks to our friends over in Visalia, CA that run and operate their own appliance installation service but also do tree services.

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